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Multimedia Filtration

A Multi (Media Filter is used to reduce the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in incoming feed water. Suspended solids consist of small particles such as silt, clay, grit, organic matter, algae and other microorganisms. Incoming feed water that is high in suspended solids can cause a high (pressure drop and reduce the effectiveness of downstream filtration equipment such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange beds.

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Components of Multimedia Filter?

Filter Tank

This component will house the filtration media, it is either stainless steel, FRP or epoxy coated steel. Metallic tanks can handle higher temperatures and pressure.


This is the filtration media that includes different layers of gravels, silica sand #20, garnet, and anthracite. This will depend on the quality of the filtered water that is needed.

Internal upper and bottom distributors

The bottom distribution system will prevent the media from escaping, while the upper distribution system will distribute the flow harmonically during the service cycle.


The valves open and close according to the different cycles. They could be automatic electric or pneumatic valves for automatic water filters, or manual valves for manual filters. 


This component will control the automation of your filter. This could be a PLC or a digital stager or an electromechanical timer. This is usually a preference based on the main control in the facility or the building.

Martech-Face pipe
Face piping

Face piping will connect all valves that control the different cycles. It could be schedule 80 PVC, stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel. The material of the piping depends on the temperature or operating pressure, and if it’s an indoor or outdoor application.

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Residential / Industrial

A multimedia filter is used to reduce the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in process water. Suspended solids can consist of small particles such as silt, clay, grit, organic matter, larvae, zooplankton, algae and other microorganisms. The filtration degree of a multi-media filter depends heavily on the filter media and flow (velocity) through the filter.
A typical multimedia filter setup contains three layers of filling. Those are anthracite, sand and gravel

• The anthracite traps the courser dirt particles to prevent the formation of a layer cake on top of the filter bed.
• The smaller particles get trapped in the sand layer. With a low fluid velocity particles will adhere to the sand with a cohesive bonding.
• The gravel allows the water to flow evenly to the mushroom diffusors and out of the filter media.

Martech-Residential / Industrial


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